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Dementia Friendly Brecon

Dementia Friendly Brecon are a community-led, voluntary, not-for-profit group, established in 2014. This website is entirely funded and maintained by volunteers.

Our mission is to create a social movement that mobilizes all sections of the community. We want to challenge the myths and stigma around dementia, increase awareness and understanding, support and promote social inclusion, and most importantly give a voice to people with dementia and their carers so their needs can be fully recognized and the appropriate support offered.

web: www.dementiafriendlybrecon.org.uk

Dementia Friendly Welshpool

Dementia Friendly Welshpool help People with dementia and their carers talk about the everyday challenges they face in living well with dementia. This can include difficulty using technology, getting appropriate service in shops, banks and post offices and in using transport, going on holiday, maintaining social contact and hobbies.

tel: 01938 553142

email: town.clerk@welshpooltowncouncil.gov.uk

web: www.dementiafriendlywelshpool.co.uk

Knighton Initiative for Dementia Action

KINDA is a quick way of saying Knighton Initiative for Dementia Action, a local community project helping to change the way people think, talk and act about dementia. As a local group we are aiming to raise awareness of dementia and help Knighton and nearby communities become dementia friendly. The group is open to all, including individuals, businesses and other local organisation. We want as many people as possible to know more about dementia and the many small and simple ways we can all make life more friendly for people living with dementia and their carers. Your encouragement and support will help people living with dementia to remain part of the community, to be more active in the local area and to live more enjoyable and fulfilled lives.

web: www.kindadementia.org

If you wish to have a link back to our website, Please do get in contact with us, We are always looking for other Dementia Friendly Communities and Businesses who would like to have a link back to our website, All we ask for you to do is to have our logo and a link on your page, Once you have placed these, send us a link to where our admin team can view them, and we will verify the link and add you to ours.

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To link please use the following info :

Web address: https://www.dfnewtown.org