Here you will find some educational video’s on Life with Dementia, How it can and will effect not just someone living with Dementia but also their family & their loved ones.

In this film we see Mary as she encounters people in her community, and see how a little bit of time and consideration for people living with dementia can make all the difference to their daily lives.

The film aims to encourage small businesses and organizations to take certain steps to help their business or organisation to become dementia friendly. These steps can be small but can make a huge difference to someone who is affected by dementia’s life

The film is shot from the point of view of Mary. Mary is a person who is affected by dementia.

The role ‘Mary’ is portrayed by an actress. The scenes featured in the film are fictional but are based on real life experiences.

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In the second film Barbara is having a routine check up with her dentist, six months elapse and we see Barbara starting to face challenges around attending a new appointment.
We become more aware about how it feels to be a person with dementia, see the relationship with the dental practice staff and how vital it is to get carers and relatives on board as they can help the person with dementia cope with visiting the dental practice.
It raises reflective learning to improve caring, compassion and good communication.

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